Camel Creek Ranch

Property Information

Acres: 2,312 +/- Acres
Price: $2,774,400
Price Per Acre: $ 1,200
Minerals: Surface Only
City: Atoka
State: Oklahoma
County: Atoka
Zip Code: 74569

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Property Description


Brief Info:
Camel Creek Ranch is a large contiguous tract made up of rolling terrain with approximately 280 feet of elevation change set among a canopy of mixed hardwood timber and is complimented by scenic creeks and drainages.  
*Atoka, OK---16 miles
*Dallas, TX---140 miles
*Tulsa, OK---150 miles
*Oklahoma City, OK---160 miles


County maintained McGee Creek Road


*Rural Water
*Camel Creek
*Hiawana Creek
*Numerous small ponds and drainages
*Several sites look favorable for lake building



*Approximately 47 +/- inches of annual precipitation 



*Surface Only



*Whitetail Deer
*Eastern Wild Turkey
*Wild pigs
Various species in Camel Creek



*Approximately 280+/- feet of elevation change


General Description:

Camel Creek Ranch is a beautiful property that is nestled into scenic north-central Atoka County—a rural area not far from the county seat of Atoka, OK. The 2,312 +/- acre ranch is located on McGee Creek Road--a paved road that can be accessed from several points.

Once a person enters Camel Creek Ranch, travel throughout the property is limited to four wheelers. However, the terrain can be adapted to accommodate larger vehicles or equipment.

Camel Creek Ranch is adorned with rock outcroppings that are not only beautiful but also profitable. This area of Atoka County has been supplying building and field stone for construction and landscapers in Dallas and Oklahoma City for decades. A neighboring property owner has been in the business of gathering and shipping stone from the area for over 25 years and he is very interested in working with the new owner of Camel Creek Ranch in the same capacity, especially since his shipping yard is just down the road. The capital generated from stone sales could be used to build and improve infrastructure on the ranch.

The ranch’s primary water feature is Camel Creek, which begins near the northern boundary and meanders through stunning rocky terrain before merging with Hiawana Creek in the southwest corner of the property.  After these creeks merge, they form several deep pools that are positioned in the middle of a hardwood bottom and accented perfectly by scattered native pines.

Close proximity to the town of Atoka and McGee Creek Lake tremendously enhance this property.  Atoka is located on Hwy 75/69, which spans from the Metroplex in Texas all the way through Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The town of Atoka has just over 3,000 residents and includes numerous restaurants, a hardware store, and a Wal-Mart. A hospital is located on the northwest side of town, sitting directly across from a small airport with a 3,015 X 40 ft. runway. 

McGee Creek Lake is an outstanding largemouth bass and crappie lake with miles of shoreline and significant dead timber and laydown cover.  It is considered one of Southern Oklahoma’s premier trophy bass lakes.

 Camel Creek Ranch’s varied terrain, limited road frontage, majestic hardwood bottoms, and proximity to multiple creeks and drainages all contribute to its unique beauty. These factors also make the property an exceptional recreation tract with the potential to produce trophy caliber whitetails on a regular basis.