Debbie S.

“I want to thank you for all you did for us in the selling of the ranch.  I appreciated your advice, patience, and steadiness in all the craziness.  You were readily available for our questions and seemed willing to do whatever was necessary.  Thanks for your work with us and I wouldn't hesitate to refer to you.”

Ed K.

"Working with Dan Ward was a positive experience. He is professional, knowledgeable and responsive."

Keith W.

"I do think we made the right choice when we selected Dan Ward as our representative. I particularly appreciated the efforts he made to portray our property in the best manner with a nice presentation on the website, aerial video, and even finding the granddaughter of a former property manager who could tell about the history of the property. In the end, his contacts in the marketplace made the difference in finding a buyer who was able to complete the sale, even in a declining market. We do appreciate his efforts to help us understand the market and then to properly identify the best uses for the property. The end result was a sale in a time frame that worked for us."

 Mark H.

"Dan was as good as it gets with showing me my property. As a sales person myself I didn’t want to be sold, I wanted to be shown. Dan’s approach to showing me the property and his knowledge was very reaffirming. He made this part of the process very easy for me. Dan has a very extensive knowledge of real estate and the transaction process that goes along with it. This was my first land purchase and Dan did a great job of explaining the steps. He put me at ease more times than I can count.

Dan’s ability to help with all of the different phases of a real estate transaction exceeded my expectations. He knew banks, surveyors, other properties, house sizes, etc. His experience definitely shows through.

I don’t like to recommend hardly anything, not personally or professionally, however I would recommend Dan. He is very easy to work with and one of his best qualities is he listens."

Scott Wigginton

"I think you are more knowledgable, thorough and professional than most realtors. Like the fact that you specialize. Also good at bringing both parties together and learning the type of properties I like. I would recommend you."

William W

"Last year, I listed a 4,000-acre ranch with Dan that had been in my family since the 1970’s. Dan made numerous trips to the property, which is quite remote, until he understood it at least as well as I did. Over the course of these visits, Dan developed a detailed list of cost-effective repairs and improvements to the property which he felt would increase its market value. I agreed with Dan’s analysis, and therefore chose to invest the time and money required to bring the property up to a more desirable condition. When the work was completed, the property was on the market for seven months. Ultimately, we sold it to an out-of-state buyer for full asking price."

Richard L. Frazier M.D.

"I am an experienced land owner with this being the fourth ranch I have developed and sold over the past twenty years. This has been by far the best experience I have had with any Realtor in evaluating my property, giving a realistic market appraisal, and effectively marketing the property. Dan is courteous and professional in his manner. He responded to any and all of my many requests throughout the process. I highly recommend him and his company to anyone looking for a competent, realistic, hardworking Realtor. I would be happy to be considered as a future reference. Good luck in your career. Thank you for everything."

John M.

"Dan was great to work with. Can’t think of anything that would have made the experience better. We had listed the property with another agent prior to Dan and he showed the property 2 times in one year. By contrast, Dan showed the property numerous times during the term of his contract. He also installed cameras to photograph game on the property: turkey, deer & wild hogs. In my opinion, the game photo's closed the deal on this property. Dan did an excellent job for us. If we had another tract of land for sale, I’d list with Dan without hesitation."

Jay and Laura B.

"We have had the pleasure of working with Dan on four different land deals including buying and selling. He has helped us find properties that fit both our lifestyle and budget. He knows how to market properties and highlight their assets in a very unique ways. Dan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the process. His relaxed easy going approach makes both the buyer and seller comfortable. We have Dan to thank for all the precious times and memories we will share with our family and friends at our hunting ranch."

Kent and Barbara Fletcher

"We recently used the services of Dan Ward as the agent to sell 1250 acres of ranch land in northern Oklahoma. Dan was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable in every phase of listing, handling offers, and closing of the sale. He gave us very good advice on the pricing and consideration of the offers. With his help we were able to sell all of the land for cash money in a very timely manner."

Carl B.

"I would highly recommend Dan Ward. Dan's professionalism as well as common sense approach helped us tremendously in our somewhat complicated land sale."

Jill B.

"Dan Ward is the best in the industry when navigating the complexities of preserving a family's future and it's legacy through the acquisition of large ranches. Dan has developed the skills to be in the trenches with you, and then quickly and effectively translate everyone's needs into practical workable solutions.

Without a doubt, I experienced that without Dan's skills, we would not of come even close to moving our operation from Iowa to Oklahoma and owning a property of this magnitude, quality, and diversity of income potential that in essence, made our family's dream a reality.

Even after the sale, Dan has remained our friend, and been willingly and promptly available as our greatest resource on the large learning curve to becoming acclimated to our new territory and culture.

Our family has such high regard for Dan that we consider he and his family a part of our own. He is as invested in our dream as we are, and he holds nothing back from facilitating and supporting us in any way possible.

If your family has a generational interest in preserving your legacy, whether having it start with you, or continuing one started by your forefathers, whether that means you are selling or buying, if, like us, you need to maximize every facet of the dream and transactions Dan Ward is the expert you want, and the broker you will actually enjoy and have fun with while working with through the complexities of large, life changing transactions.

I am happy for the opportunity t